Adventures with technology …

The book talk I presented to my high school alumnae association offered a breakthrough in technology for me. Instead of using printed notes for my PowerPoint slide show, I borrowed my husband’s IPad, put the talk in a program called SlideShark, and read from the tablet’s touch screen.

The talk was at the newly dedicated St. Vincent Hall on the campus of Loyola College Prep, a multipurpose dining facility with an up-to-date, wireless projector setup. It was pretty cool, connecting the device electronically … and I didn’t need special lighting at the lectern; the iPad supplied its own.

What I didn’t quite master is how to embed audio. I change all my talks, based on the audience, and this one I titled “Pocketful of Dreams: A Daughter’s Journey into her Parents’ Past.” I had actually considered Pocketful of Dreams as title of the book, because it represented the 1930s era so well. I downloaded a clip from the Bing Crosby hit, but could not figure out how to have it play in the moments before my talk began. I did have a few of the lyrics on the screen, however, and that helped set the mood:

Im no millionaire
But I’m not the type to care
Cause I’ve got a pocketful of dreams
It’s my universe
Even with an empty purse
Cause I’ve got a pocketful of dreams

© “A Pocketful of Dreams,” Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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