Author, editor, and publisher

The Courtship of Two Doctors
A 1930s Love Story of Letters, Hope & Healing
Martha Holoubek Fitzgerald
Little Dove Press, 2012

Senior medical students from New Orleans and Omaha meet in 1937 and begin a two-year correspondence across 1,100 miles. Grave illness and career setbacks shake their confidence, but the two decide to face an uncertain future together, trusting in each other and the relationship they built letter by letter.

The Courtship of Two Doctors recreates the medical era before antibiotics, when health workers were at risk of serious infection, and illustrates the social barriers challenging two-career marriages. Silver Finalist for biography/autobiography in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards and for cover design in the Independent Publishers Book Awards. Winner of Louisiana Press Women Award for book editing.

Proceeds benefit LSU School of Medicine-Shreveport and a Diocese of Shreveport marriage ministry program.

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Co-author and project manager

A Louisiana River Journal
Skipper Dickson and Martha H. Fitzgerald
Skipper Dickson, 2010

Skipper Dickson and high school pals celebrate their sixtieth year by reliving the carefree days of their youth.  They take a beat-up old houseboat 400 river miles across Louisiana, testing its mettle and their own.  They rediscover the magnificence of Louisiana’s waterways, the serenity of its sandbars, and the majesty of its storied blue catfish.  And everywhere they go, Skipper Dickson hears the echo of his great-great-great-grandfather, who journeyed up the same rivers 160 years ago and put down roots that have kept Dicksons in North Louisiana for seven generations. Proceeds benefit the Nature Conservancy of Louisiana.

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Editor, project manager, and co-publisher

Letters to Luke
From His Fellow Physician Joseph of Capernaum
Joe E. Holoubek M.D.

Little Dove Press, 2004

In first century Galilee, Joseph and Elisa, a young couple trained in the healing arts, become friends and followers of Jesus and join his fateful journey to Jerusalem for Passover.  Joseph shares the story in letters to his friend and colleague, Luke of Antioch.

Letters to Luke is the story of a doubter who becomes a believer, a man of science who becomes a man of faith. Winner of the Writer’s Digest Award for inspirational literature and the Independent Publisher Award for religious fiction.

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