Chapel of St. Luke

Luke, side altar, Clarkson Hospital (Mobile)

Had to stop in here for a few quiet moments on my visit to Omaha last week. this is the side altar in St. Luke’s Chapel in Clarkson Hospital, part of the vast University of Nebraska Medical Center. Don’t believe I’ve ever seen this particular scene in a statue — the paralytic¬† let down through the roof of a home to be cured by Jesus. It’s recounted in the Gospel of Luke.

The day I came to the campus was blustery and wet. I parked in the patient area and walked through the complex to McGoogan Library of Medicine in University Tower to deliver the monthly Medical Humanities lecture. On the way out, I slipped into St. Luke’s chapel, mindful of Luke’s role as physician and his “off-stage” role in my father’s award-winning religious fiction “Letters to Luke.” What’s more, it was St. Luke’s feast day this week ….

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