LSU — a Southern campus in mid-winter

My mother, brother, and nephew all attended Louisiana’s flagship university in Baton Rouge. I went elsewhere–Loyola University in New Orleans–but I am enjoying my visits to the campus this year. I love how the majestic live oaks make a wonderful landscape even in the dead of winter. Here is a photo I took before my Feb. 9 book signing at Catholic Art & Gifts Store. I met with the Alumni Association director and presented a copy of The Courtship of Two Doctors. Mother received her undergraduate degree in 1935 after her freshman year in medical school, having earned early admittance.She referred in the letters to her dean in Baton Rouge, with a double name: Dean Ophelia Stone Stone.

I also spent time in both LSU libraries, Hill and Middleton, doing research for a client’s book. I’ll be back in mid-April.

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