Meet Emmanuel: new name, new author

A pleasure to share book signing space with new author Emmanuel Ogunjumo of Baton Rouge. “Diary of a Super Chump [Champ]: My 40-day Journey Back to God” (Tate Publishing) relates the moving story of his return to faith, which the Nigeria native now shares with others as a motivational speaker. We were both intrigued by the other’s writing.
I immediately asked about his name. Yes, he had it changed to Emmanuel (God with us). His parents had Christian names, but he did not. It reflects his spiritual rebirth.

Below is an excerpt from his website,

The diary entries are penned by Emmanuel who is an avid student of the Word and a recovered super-chump – the true depraved state of a person that willfully and stubbornly decides not to walk with God in pride but instead chooses their own way and its associated destruction. He is the author of “Diary of a Super-Chump” where he shares his shares his struggles and triumph as a he journeyed from sin and disobedience, through brokenness, and into the marvelous light of Christ-centered living.

Now living as a super-champ – a person that plugs into the transformative power of Christ through the study and obedience of the Word – Emmanuel seeks to encourage, motivate, and challenge fellow believers to live victoriously in Christ.”



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