On the air … in Baton Rouge

My favorite radio interview to date, with not one, not two, but three interviewers, and in-studio! It was “Wake Up Baton Rouge” on WPYR 1380 Catholic Radio. Co-hosts Staci Gulino (pictured), David Dawson, and Deacon Jody Moscona had each read all or parts of the book, and the conversation was easy and freeflowing.

We covered all the many aspects of the book, from spiritual and marriage/family life to medical and historical. Staci was struck by one letter’s offhand comment relating to the war brewing overseas. In September 1938 Alice Baker wrote:

“A German girl I know slightly went home for a week this summer
and conditions there must be terrible—but they couldn’t even
express any criticism of Hitler in whispers. I think she was very glad
to get back to the U.S.”

I met Staci in late August at the Catholic Marketing Network trade show. She’s an impressive interviewer, well prepared with probing questions.

Being in studio was fun too. It’s true you don’t have to dress up for such an interview, but I’m glad I didn’t dress down! The staff took this and other photos.

Listen to the show (last half hour)


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