On the air … in Massachusetts

2013-04-12 13.02.26

Chatting with Jay Fadden and Father Robert Reed, co-hosts of This is the Day, a twice-weekly Catholic TV Network program. My thanks to Bonnie Rodgers for setting up the “gig.” We met at Catholic Marketing Network in Dallas in August, where I introduced “The Courtship of Two Doctors,” and again in St. Paul at the Catholic Medical Association conference in September.

As she promised, the interview would be move quickly. I enjoyed the interchange. But somehow I forgot to mention my parents’ names, and I was introduced as Martha Fitzgerald (Mah-tha in the Boston accent!), without mention of the maiden name. So there goes connection to anyone who might have known my parents!  Oh well, hope we picked up some of the viewers in South Louisiana, where Catholic TV airs regularly.

And Jay did note, once we were off the air, that my parents were members of the Order of the Holy Sepulcher, to which he also belongs. He recognized the red Jerusalem cross they are wearing on the inside of the dust jacket.

Bonnie tells me the network is the oldest Catholic TV channel in the country and has 14 million viewers. It’s quite an elaborate setup, with three separate studios. This is the Day also airs on Philadelphia Catholic TV channel and on Salt & Light Network in Canada.

And yes the Green Room is green!

The segment was called Marriage Moment. Click here to view.

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