Origin of the family

Sousek closeup (Mobile)Here lie my great-grandparents Jan and Marie, born in Bohemia, who married and homesteaded in Nebraska’s Colfax County. The land that they tilled and made their own is just across  from this crossroads cemetery.

The inscriptions — he died in 1897 and she in 1900– are written in Ceske, but with a decidedly American twist. She is listed as Holoubek. In the old country, even today, she would be Holoubkova.

They left nine orphaned children to raise themselves and work the land. The oldest, a daughter, married soon after the mother’s death and helped rear the little ones.

I had the delight of meeting several sets of their descendants at get-togethers last weekend at a second cousin’s home in the country: three of my dad’s first cousins,six of my second cousins, spouses, and one child. I also had lunch in Omaha with one cousin and in Schuyler with another. Earlier in the week I visited with second cousin Judy in Grand Island and with two young cousin couples in Lincoln. The young mothers are daughters to my first cousins. Their five beautiful little ones range in age from 2 to 8.

What a blessing to be with family far as well as near!

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