Sister Jackie, the Paulines, and St. Paul …

Pauline (Custom)Final stop on the overnight trip to New Orleans was Pauline Book and Media on Veterans Boulevard. Store has so many wonderful items — and includes its own chapel! I bought a couple of Christmas gifts while I was there

Sister Jackie was immensely helpful and interested in “Courtship” as a marriage and family life book. She’s on leave from the Boston base of the Daughters of St. Paul. The sisters, as it explains on their website,evangelize tthrough every form of communication—including our life, our witness, our prayer, and the media. “If St. Paul were to come to earth today, he would immediately take up a microphone, begin podcasting, create a facebook page, publish books and create apps—because he would want to use the fastest, most efficacious ways of reaching the largest number of people with the message of God’s incredible love for us shining on the face of Christ.”

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