Sylvia Browder and women on the rise

One of the blessings of entering the world of virtual tours is discovering terrific people whose drive and energy inspire me. Meet Sylvia Browder, a great promoter of small business and women entrepreneurs. I developed great respect for both in my former life as a journalist, which included a stint as business editor for The Times of Shreveport, Louisiana. I launched a second career a few years ago and now find myself running three small businesses. (It’s quite a challenge at tax time!)

Sylvia is founder of National Association Women on the Rise, for women entrepreneurs and authors, and CEO of Browder Consulting Group, a virtual  small business consulting firm.  She helps women realize their dream of business ownership.

Perhaps Sylvia and I will cross paths again soon, and not just virtually — we have connections in the Gulf Coast region. She graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University and lives in Mobile, Alabama, a lovely city I’ve often had occasion to visit.

Here’s her Q&A with me as author:  As a promoter of empowerment, she had a very interesting question. I had to give that answer a great deal of thought.

Sylvia: What is your POWER WORD?
Martha:  Dance! That word lifts the spirits. It makes one smile, fills the heart with joy and laughter. That may be why I enjoy zumba so much!

Here’s how to catch up with Sylvia and her many activities:

2 thoughts on “Sylvia Browder and women on the rise

  1. Martha, I agree that Sylvia is definitely an inspiration. NWOR has truly uplifted me. Although, I’ve procrastinated with my vision it was great to have individuals like Sylvia to give that virtual push. I need to connect more with individuals like you and National Women On The Rise.

    LaSonia Michele

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