The home of Czech Days …

My tather’s hometown of Clarkson, Nebraska, celebrated the 50th anniversary of its annual Czech Days festival this summer. How well I remember attending the street festivals, with lots of polka and “oom-pah” music. My aunt and other women made wonderful kolaches, filled donuts and other pastries, and meals were set out in the Clarkson Opera House. My parents enjoyed the street dancing, sometimes decked out in Bohemian folk costumes my grandmother made.

The downtown area is basically the same, with three blocks of Main Street, and the bakery near the Brass Rail. The Bluebird Nursery, since 1958, has kept the town thriving; unfortunately its founder died last week in a tragic accident.

I spent the weekend with second cousins on their farm just outside town. They told me the town siren still sounds every Saturday night at 6–a test for fire and safety. But it used to signal a big night, with all the farmers’ families coming to town to shop.

We went to evening Mass at the Catholic church Saturday, and just as the bells started to ring for 6 p.m. services, the siren also sounded!

Read more about the anniversary here.



2 thoughts on “The home of Czech Days …

  1. Hi, Martha – You have an interesting blog – keep it up! I am a classmate of Virginia Holoubek – I suppose she must be a relative of yours?

    Glenn Cada

    • Hi, Glenn. I very much like your Clarkson History web page and will subscribe …

      Yes, Virginia’s father and mine were first cousins, so she’s my second cousin. Your classmate Don and I are first cousins (his mother and my father were siblings). I wonder if you and I are also related. I remember my grandmother speaking often of a Cada friend or relative, possibly through her branch, the Kuceras.


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