Why all the deep purple?

side shot B&N (Mobile)“Love the purple flowers!” said visitors to my first official book signing today at Barnes & Noble. And then they noticed I was signing with purple ink. What gives?

I credit Wisconsin-based Kathi Dunn, the talented graphic designer who created the book cover for “Courtship of Two Doctors,” and later the poster and bookmarks. Her cover design fits the theme we came up with, of “discovering” a cache of old letters and photos. The letters are real, some of the nearly 800 in the entire collection of courtship. And the photo is from my dad’s 1938 scrapbook. Kathi picked up the purple from the postage stamps and “AIR MAIL” ink stamp.

“Hmmm,” I said, “Purple ….Are you psychic?” Purple, of course, is a celebrated color in Louisiana–LSU’s purple and gold, and Mardi Gras’ purple, green and gold theme. Also, deep purple was my Dad’s favorite color!

I now know why: “Deep Purple” was a song on the Hit Parade in 1939, the year my parents married. It was No. 1 for 7 weeks, and is mentioned several times in the letters.

Thus the purple ink and flowers. Just don’t expect me to drive a purple car!

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